Imagine living in a country ruled by gangs and criminals, without law and order, and where only the strongest and most ruthless thrive by preying on the weak.
Dependant on how high you set the bar - These countries are fortunately very few.

Lack of world order ?
But what about our world in general - Is it governed by law and order ?
Or do we pretend not to see how the weak are being sacrificed ?

- when we are burning fossile fuels.
- when we weigh trade agreements higher than human rights.
- when land occupations go unpunished.
- when the fine for money-laundry is significantly lower than the earnings.
- when giant companies send their revenue to tax-havens.
- when corrupt politicians fill their pockets.

What is the solution ?
In some cases the US is trying to unite the world in sanctions - While other countries are trying to divide the world.
Eventhough this effort by the US is appreciated - it is unfortunately too little and too unstructured.
But what if there was an "easy" way to impose law and order without wars. Would we take it - Or would we continue to allow the world to be controlled by the greedy?

World Constitution
The first step has to be for the world to agree on disired and undesired behaviour - Thereby making a constitution of the world.

The next step is to figure out the easiest way to impose this constitution without yet another war.
Acknowing that all wrongdoings have a common denominator - Which is economical gain.
The solution must be to remove the economical incentive of not meeting the agrements in the World Constitution.
This can be acomplished by increasing or decreasing the competitiveness of nations or specific sectors of that nation.
This will create a strong incentive for that nation to implement corrective actions to restore the competitiveness.

The "easy" way
Since all countries are already collecting VAT, the easiest way to adjust the competitiveness of other nations, is to collect a nation/sector dependant justice-VAT, which is proportional to the degree of undesired behaviour minus the desired behaviour.
Through this type of united effort - nations exercising desired behaviour will experience increased competitiveness and nations exercising undesired behaviour will experience decreased competiveness - Which is only fair.

90% of the collected VAT goes to the collecting nation - and the remaining 10% is paid to a global justice fund.
The money in the justice fund will be used for:
- Reducing greenhouse emmisions.
- Promoting human rights.
- Compensating citizens who had their land occupied.
- Compensating victims of money-laundry.
- Compensating nations that lost taxes due to tax-havens.
- Compensating victims of corruption.

Why collect ?
Simply because up to 500% VAT will be added for nations not collecting justice VAT.

Maximum VAT:
Desired behaviours
Global peace-keeping operations -50%
Removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere -50%
Undesired behaviours
Failure to collect GJT +500%
Unauthorized war +500%
Nuclear weaponry by unstable nations +250%
Land occupied/annexed +100%
Military aggressive behaviour +100%
Military protection/support for inhuman nations +100%
Trading with nations not collecting GJT +100%
Tax havens +50%
Uncooperative banks +50%
Money Laundry +50%
Greenhouse emmisions +50%
Destabilizing activities +50%
Selling weapons to nations lacking respect for human rights +50%

Justice VAT calcultion
TBD 0%
Total 0%
TBD 0%
Total 0%
Money Laundry +0,5%
Greenhouse emmisions +2%
Global peace-keeping operations -1%
Total +1,5%
TBD 0%
Total 0%
TBD 0%
Total 0%
TBD 0%
Total 0%